Fundamentos teóricos de la cultura desde la óptica de las organizaciones

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Prince Torres-Salazar
Enrique Melamed-Varela

Palabras clave

Culture, Organizational culture, Organizations, Belief system


Culture is an essential part of human being and is inherent in organized structures, this review article aim to explore under a critical analysis, the main theoretical postulates concerning culture, from the perspective of socio-anthropological and how it has been adapted the concept to organizations. Methodologically revision is supported with a design of descriptive- qualitative research, in addition the document reviews platforms of scientific approach technique, which represents the source query and retrieval of relevant theories and postulates, analyzed from analytical and critical contrast. In the review process, different conceptual schools that have been formed in reference to culture and its adaptation in the organizations, being its culture result of the people interaction in the social and organizational context, ranking as an engine identity, permeating the individual and collective sense of belonging and belief system through different dimensions, levels of analysis and elements that emerge and shape the cultural capital.


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