El profesor como apoyo de estudiantes con padres divorciados en colegios oficiales

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Victoria Eugenia Cabrera García
Claudia del Rosario Guzmán García
Karen Stella Ariza Coy
Alejandro Carrillo Palacios



This qualitative research aimed to know the practices that the teacher performs with children of divorced parents.The information was collected through semi-structured interviews with 30 parents and 15teachers. It was found that secondary school teachers, although they considered that they must refer students to the school guidance department, wanted to execute actions beyond the indicating norm, expressions that do not run for fear of being misunderstood. The preschool and primary school are more affectionate; they are awaiting them.It is important to talk to parents in order to understand the problems that are living inside the child`s home. It is concluded that training of teachers facing this issue is necessary in order to provide greater support to these children.


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