Impact of pedagogical reflection in the teaching practicum from Caquetá practitioners` perspective: a literature review


Andres Enrique Artunduaga Garzon
Derly Tatiana Muñoz
Angélica María Rojas Isaza



    Today more than ever, the education field demands for transformative and critical teachers who respond to the huge waves of changes that arise in the globalized world. The present review paper addresses at a deep look at the pedagogical reflection experienced at the ELT (English Language Teaching) program pedagogical practicum. A systematic search allowed to figure out 12 studies published since 2009 to 2016, where emerged a bunch of factors involved in the reflection process a) skills acquired through reflective practice, b) the strategies used to reflect, b) cultural aspects as predictors for preparing both the in-service teachers and the classes and d) implications of the modern world on teaching. The findings concluded that the reflective practice plays an important role when practitioners start to explore the educational field due to the fact that it helps them to be involved in a constant learning process.

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