Published: 2019-12-02


Tensions and inequalities in university students’ classroom interactions

Rita Ramos-Castro , María López-García
Abstract 63 | PDF (Español (España)) Downloads 11 | DOI
Published Mar 26, 2020

Learning and Teaching of Deductive and Inductive Reasoning through Natural Sciences

Carmen Salazar-Arbeláez
Abstract 92 | PDF (Español (España)) Downloads 66 | DOI
Published Mar 5, 2020

Towards a Dense Description from Social Cartography

José Ignacio Bolaños, Enith Zulema Astaiza Grande, Jhon Esneider Castellanos Jiménez
Abstract 34 | PDF (Español (España)) Downloads 35 | DOI
Published Feb 28, 2020

Bullying as an opportunity to improve coexistence in the classroom

Angela Castro-Robles, Jorge Niño-Vega, Flavio Fernández-Morales
Abstract 109 | PDF (Español (España)) Downloads 85 | DOI
Published Feb 26, 2020

Associated roles of onlookers in school bullying: validation of a scale to detect them School violence: a scale to detect types of onlookers.

José Ángel Vera-Noriega, Elsa González González, Martha Peña-Ramos, Francisco Durazo-Salas
Abstract 233 | PDF (Español (España)) Downloads 200 | DOI
Published Jan 1, 2020

Pedagogical Trends in Teaching Humanities in the Formation of Future Elementary School Teachers

José Cifuentes-Medina , Jaime Torres-Ortiz, Ruby Espejo-Lozado
Abstract 111 | PDF (Español (España)) Downloads 139 | DOI
Published Nov 22, 2019

Intervention program in critical debate on critical thinking in university students

Yuranny Alejandra Tabares Díaz, Sonia Mireya Betancourth Zambrano, Viviana Alexandra Martínez Daza
Abstract 273 | PDF (Español (España)) Downloads 221 | DOI
Published Nov 28, 2019

Justification: quality condition for CECAR’s psychology program

María Martínez-Luna
Abstract 87 | PDF (Español (España)) Downloads 75 | DOI
Published Nov 20, 2019

Do the intelligences, emotions and chronotype, explain academic performance in university students?

Ubaldo Rodríguez, Fabiola Rodrigues-deFrança Campos, Adriano Chionbacanga-Nafital , Guillermo Ceballos-ospino, Carmelina Paba-Barbosa
Abstract 186 | PDF (Español (España)) Downloads 105 | DOI
Published Dec 2, 2019

Mathematical competencies as a success factor for the Saber Pro Test at the Universities of Barranquilla, Colombia

William Niebles, Plutarco Martínez-Bustos, Leonardo Niebles-Núñez
Abstract 103 | PDF (Español (España)) Downloads 91 | DOI
Published Dec 11, 2019

Citizen competencies as a source of civility in higher education

Manuel Cabrera-Jimenez
Abstract 128 | PDF (Español (España)) Downloads 128 | DOI
Published Jan 1, 2020