Papers Reception: The authors must send their papers through the OJS (Open Journal Systems) platform in a Word printable format, along with their resumes or curriculum vitaes, a letter of presentation of their work, and giving up of their Ownership Rights. Once the paper has been sent, the reception and acknowledgement of receipt is automatic.

Preliminary review:  Editors will evaluate the papers presented within a maximum period of 72 hours from their date of reception. The editors will evaluate the paper works presented and determine whether they comply and satisfy the journal’s requirements and the criteria for evaluation established in the checking list (web page rules for publishing). In this phase the structure of the paper is reviewed (in contents and shape), showing a strict compliance with the American Medical Association (AMA) issuing regulations. If the paper sent for publishing does not comply with the established requirements, the main author will be informed about the editorial decision, but if on the contrary, the paper complies with the requirements of the preliminary review, then two peers will be immediately assigned.  

Peers Review: All papers will be reviewed anonymously following a double-blind procedure; nevertheless, the author(s)  may suggest up to three possible peers considered fit for the job, indicating their electronic address; such fitness would implicate having a similar profile to the rest of the peers recruited by the journal, for example: not having the same institutional membership of the author(s),having the same qualification of an MSc or PhD, be a researcher able to prove previous publishing of a high academic quality, be an expert on the topic treated in the referred work, among others. The choice of the selected works remains under the criteria of the Editorial Committee of the Journal.  

Editorial Review: Once the authors send the paper properly checked, the editor will carefully verify, considering every detail, that all corrections have been made as suggested by the peers.

Diagramming: In this process the contents of the paper are organized, adjusting the visual components such as spaces, images and colors, that eventually guarantee the esthetic appearance of the writings.

Final Review: Here the editor approves the final review of the paper that is going to be published.

Publishing: Only the writings that have reached the final stage of the process will be considered for publishing.