Justicia (33): pp.9-10. Enero-Junio, 2018.
ISSN 0124-7441
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History does not reveal causes only the succession offers of events
(Tolstoi, 1869)
With this edition, Justicia journal, as a mean of broadcasting conducted by
Law and Social Sciences programs faculty, is committed to offering a point of
view related to peace process and consequences based on the agreement
signed in Habana, Cuba, last year; this topic become relevant because in spite
of excess of written material about it, in this country, there is lack of knowledge
on the true meaning of this event.
In Guerra y Paz the author aims to show how Colombian authorities and
people mutually deceive, assuming that only good intentions evident in official
acts and decisions are necessary, in order to conduct this country’s destiny;
but it has not been in such way, those actions are just mere fraud, rush toward
nothing and without value in daily life. Not only Tolstoi (1869) but also different
authors from social sciences have suggested that the individual does not know
the role played in local, regional and national life, because its presence and
meaning has never been known; and when these kind of people are joined
and structured in a group, they gradually are falling away in the inertia which
undermine any good intention in relation with a plan or agreement.
In Colombia, per example, country of laws, people and national government
assume that just signing the peace agreement, submit the bitacora and
also following the relevant legal instruments, are enough to get the situation
gradually consolidated; in this way the post conflict has been conducted by
rare strategies that could put at risk peace agreement’s viability. And why has
this happened? Because engines of historical changes asked by the society,
have not been totally evident but just adjustment phase, and according to this
contingency the political foundation can fail.
Peace: National hope?
Roberto Meisel Lanner
1 Magíster en Educación de la Universidad Simón Bolívar. Correo electrónico: robertomeisel@yahoo.es