Integration model of the Pacific alliance and mechanisms for dissemination of conditional transfer programs in the Colombian Caribbean region

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Jairo Contreras Capella
Yanyn Rincón Quintero
Francisco Ganga Contreras
Leonardo Niebles Nuñez


pacific alliance, conditional transfer programs, caribbean region


The pacific alliance integration model is an effort to articulate economic, social and political opportunities of the signatory countries of the international agreement (Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Peru) known as the Pacific Alliance (AP), seeking to complement their economies and overcome the constraints of the productive apparatus and the market of their individual countries considered; for the exercise of this modality of articulation between countries, a level of participation of different actors of the public and private sector is required, as well as the construction and implementation of instruments and mechanisms required for the success of the process. One of these management tools is known as the Conditional Transfer Program (PTC). The work makes a characterization of the AP integration process; presents the proposed PTC model with a territorial development axis in the Colombian Caribbean region as a pilot plan.


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