Academic degrees abbreviations: technical degrees, professional degrees, medical specialties, mastersmagister, doctorates. A practical guide.

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Isaac Kuzmar


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In recent years there has been a radical change in institutions of higher
education. The number of students has increased, the competition in
delivering quality programs is a demand required by the market environment.
With the passage of time, new academic degrees have appeared that are linked together by an increasingly technological society. Globalization and democratic access to education and the experiences of international academics of many students require the standardization of their academic qualifications.
The following academic degrees are abbreviated in bylines and in the text when used with the full name of a person. Degrees below the master’s level are generally not listed in bylines or elsewhere. If the bachelor ? s degree is the highest degree held, it may be listed. Exceptions are also made for specialized degrees, licenses, certifications, and credentials below the master’s level in medical and health-related fields. Any unusual degrees should be verified with the author. Unusual degrees should always be checked with the person. There are different categories of academic degrees for post-secondary students, mainly associate or technical bachelor or professional, specialist, sub-specialist, master's and doctorate. To get one of these degrees can take between 1-8 years, depending on the degree level and the field of study.


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