This journal provides open and immediate access to its contents based on the idea that global knowledge exchange will be higher by offering free public access to research. Authors whose manuscripts are published by this journal should accept the following terms and conditions:

  • Authors shall preserve their copyrights and guarantee the journal the right to be the first publisher of their work, which shall be simultaneously subject to the Creative Commons Acknowledgement License, which allows third parties to share such work provided that the author's name is included together with this journal's name as its first publisher.
  • Authors may enter into other non-exclusive license agreements for the distribution of their published work (for example, to include it in an institutional telematic file or publish it in a monographic volume) provided that this journal's name is included as its first publisher.

Authors are allowed and encouraged to promote their work through the internet (for example, as institutional telematic files or on their websites) before and after the delivery process, which may generate interesting exchanges and increase citations.