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As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

  • The submission has not been previously published nor has it been submitted for consideration by any other journal (or an explanation has been provided in the editor's comments).
  • The submission file is in OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, RTF or WordPerfect format.
  • Whenever possible, URLs are provided for references.
  • Text has simple line spacing; 12 point font size; Italics are used instead of underlining (except for URLs); And all illustrations, figures are placed in the appropriate places of text.
  • The text adheres to the stylistic and biliographic requirements summarized in the author's Guidelines, which appear in About the Journal.
  • If sent to a peer-reviewed section of the journal, follow the instructions in Securing an anonymous evaluation.

The journal follows the publication standards of the American Medical Association (AMA) and generally adheres to the standards of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors, so manuscripts must be prepared following the recommendations, which can be found on its website : http://www.icmje.org.

All original contributions, in addition to those considered by the Editorial Committee, will be evaluated prior to being accepted by external and anonymous peer reviews. Sending an article to Ciencia e Innovacion en Salud implies that it is original and has not been previously published and is not being evaluated for publication in another journal. No material previously published will be accepted. Authors are responsible for obtaining the appropriate permissions.

To partially reproduce the material, be it text, tables or figures.


The manuscripts can be sent, in English or Spanish, electronically through the web. The correspondence author may at any time monitor the review process of the article through this system. All accepted originals remain as permanent property of Ciencia e Innovacion en Salud and can not be reproduced in part or totally without permission of the journal. Papers previously published or presented at the same time to another journal will not be accepted.

All articles must be accompanied by the corresponding document of assignment of rights and a cover letter explaining the type of article that is sent (and if it is Original, specifying for which area), the contribution and relevance of the same in the field Of science as well as the declaration that it is an original text, which is not being evaluated in any other journal and the declaration of any type of conflict of interest or the existence of any type of economic relationship.

The editorial team has summarized all the sections to that which has a novelty character: Originals.

  • Originals. Preferably prospective, clinical research work, and other original contributions on etiology, pathophysiology, pathology, epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment, case reports, therapeutic updates and others.. The extension should be 4,000 words, excluding bibliography and abstract, 5 tables and / or figures, and 40 bibliographic citations at most.

The articles can be sent in Spanish or English and should be presented as follows:

  1. The following information shall be indicated on the First Page of the article, in the order quoted here: title of the article, name and surnames of all authors, full name and address of the work center and address for correspondence, and Other specifications when considered necessary (conflict of interest, funding, registration of clinical trials, etc.).
  2. Abstract and Abstract. Your extension will be for the articles in the 250 word Originals section. It shall be characterized by: a) being comprehensible without the need to read the article in whole or in part; B) be written in concrete terms developing the essential points of the article; C) their arrangement will observe the general outline of the miniature article; And d) will not include material or data not mentioned in the text. In the articles for the Originals section will be structured in the following sections: introduction, objectives, methods, results and conclusions. In the articles for the section of Technological Updates and Case Reports.
  3. Keywords. Three to six key words will be assigned according to the Index Medicus / MEDLINE MeSH, available at: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/mesh/
  4. Text

4.1. Originals: Introduction, Material and methods, Results and Discussion

- Introduction: it will be as short as possible and its basic rule will be to provide only the explanation necessary so that the reader can understand the text that follows.

- Material and Methods: indicate the type of study, the selection criteria employed, the techniques used, providing sufficient details so that a given experience can be repeated on the basis of this information.

- Results: they relate, do not interpret, the observations made with the material and methods used. These data can be published in detail in the text or in the form of tables and figures.

- Discussion: the author or authors will try to offer their own opinions on the subject. They emphasize here: 1) the meaning and the practical application of the results; 2) considerations about a possible inconsistency of the methodology and the reasons for which the results may be valid; 3) the relationship with similar publications and comparison between areas of agreement and disagreement; And (4) indications and guidelines for future research.

Conclusions: is the logical outgrowth of the results section. Should summarize all the basic ideas presented.

- Acknowledgments: When deemed necessary, persons, centers or entities that have collaborated or supported the work will be cited.

 For more information download: Guidelines for Authors.

Author Policies

The Corresponding Author’s Role and Responsibilities are to:

  1. Inform all co-authors of the submission of the manuscript to the journal (note: each co-author must sign the presentation or cover letter and confirm their authorship).
  2. Ensure that the manuscript is in full adherence to all Health Science and Innovation policies. Additionally ensure that all co-authors are aware of, and in compliance with all of them.
  3. Manage all correspondence between the journal and all co-authors, keeping the full co-authors group apprised of the manuscript progress.
  4. Designate a substitute correspondent for times of unavailability
  5. Ensure to fill out all required points at the time of submission of the manuscript.
  6. Post-publication: respond to all queries pertaining to the published manuscript, provide all data and requested materials.
  7. The submission must be created (and completed) by one of the co-authors, not by an agency or by some other individual who is not one of the co-authors
  8. Ciencia e Innovación en Salud adheres to the ICMJE requirements.