1. Ciencia e Innovación en Saludrequires that all the parties involved in a publication (i.e., authors, reviewers, and academic writers) clearly state any potential competing interests (also known as conflict of interest). Disclosure of a competing interest does not necessarily mean that there is an issue to be addressed; it simply ensures that all parties are adequately informed about any pertinent consideration while they are working on their manuscript.
  2. Authors are required to declare all competing interests once upon submission of the manuscript. Reviewers are expected to consider any competing interest before agreeing to review the work and confirm that they do not have competing interests before submitting their review. Academic writers are expected to refuse to work on a manuscript if they feel that they have a competing interest.
  3. Conflicts of interest should be stated even if the affected individual feels that those interests do not represent an actual conflict.
  4. Authors are required to declare any possible financial benefit obtained from their publication.


Disclosure of Funding Sources

  1. Authors are required to disclose any funding sources that made their work possible.
  2. The disclosure of funding sources is published in the final version of the article. This description provides transparency.

Data and Material Sharing

Ciencia e Innovación en Salud is committed to promoting academic communications. As a part of this commitment, all authors are responsible for providing readers (beforehand) with all materials, code, data, and protocols associated with their publication. The best way to fulfill this requirement is to make a public deposit, such as that in https://figshare.com/.


Blogs and Health Coverage

  1. Ciencia e Innovación en Salud does not consider articles that have previously appeared in a journal that is well-known by peers (since this constitutes to duplicate publication).
  2. Ciencia e Innovación en Salud allows submission of manuscripts that have previously appeared in other “non-journal” sites (e.g., blogs or posters).
  3. Ciencia e Innovación en Salud helps to write and distribute the final press release. We encourage authors to discuss and circulate their conclusions at their discretion.