Article reception: Authors should send their articles through the Open Journal Systems (OJS) platform in editable Word format, together with their resumes, letter of presentation of the article, and a proprietary rights assignment. Once the article is submitted, article reception and confirmation of receipt are automatically performed.

Preliminary review: Within a 72-hour period of article reception, editors will evaluate submitted manuscripts and determine if they comply with the journal's scope and evaluation criteria established in the checklist (webpage publication standards). In this step, article structure is reviewed (form and content), ensuring a strict compliance with the AMA publication guidelines. If a submitted article fails to comply with the established editorial criteria, the main author will be informed about the editorial decision; in contrast, if an article fulfills all the preliminary review criteria, two peer reviewers will be assigned.

Peer review: All articles will be anonymously reviewed following a double-blind procedure; nevertheless, author(s) may suggest up to three possible reviewers who they consider are suitable for such evaluation by clearly including their email addresses. A potential suitable reviewer should have a profile similar to the rest of the journal arbiters, that is, he or she should not share the same institution with the author(s), have a Master’s or PhD degree, be a researcher with high academic and professional level publications, and be an expert in the subject matter of the manuscript, among others. The selection of peer reviewers is at the discretion of the journal’s Editorial Committee.

Editorial review: Once authors submit the corrected manuscript, an editor will verify in detail that all changes suggested by peers have been made. 

Layout: During this process, article contents are organized, making sure that visual components, such as spaces, images, and colors, provide manuscripts an esthetic appearance.

Final review: The editor approves the definitive version of the article to be published.

Publication: Articles that are in the final step of the publication process will be published.