Thanks to reviewers 2020

Dec 15, 2020

The excellence of the articles published in a scientific Journal depends on a careful review and selection of the submitted material by both the referees and the Journal's editorial board. In this regard, two steps of the editorial process are fundamental in ensuring the quality of the material offered: 1) the selection of the best papers from the total number of articles submitted and 2) improving their content and presentation. These two strategic elements are entrusted by the referee's team invited by the editorial committee. For Revista Ciencia e Innovación en Salud (RevCIS) it is a pleasure to support the work of the reviewers both from the direction and from the editorial committee to offer them academic accompaniment, administrative support and recognition of their work. At RevCIS, we are aware that improving the quality of reviews is improving the quality of the Journal. We are aware that the experts reviewing process is a costly task in terms of time and dedication, yet it is precious in the development of science and consequently in the advancement of knowledge of humanity.

By virtue of the above, we would like to thank the following researchers for their selfless scientific work in the following Letter of Thanks