El mercurio y su toxicidad en la salud oral

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Juan Rodado


Mecurium, dentistry, toxicity


The use of mercury and its handling is toxic; generates chronic diseases. In dentistry the use of some dental amalgams that contain this metal, affect both the operator (dentist) and the patient since they are exposed to the gases or vapors that the mercury emits when being manipulated. These gases have been described as toxic and can cause diseases. This makes us rethink the use of mercury as an option in treatments in dentistry.

Dental amalgams are composed of silver dust and mercury, they release mercury vapor, which is absorbed by 80% when inhaled, moreover, some mercury particles are dissolved in the saliva and subsequently absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract . The World Health Organization (WHO) determined that "Mercury for dental use is an environmental pollutant not only of the office atmosphere, but also of wastewater" since the residues of dental amalgam are probably the most important chemicals in the world. its toxicity generated from dental clinical practice due to the presence of heavy metals among its components, mainly mercury.



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