Published: Jan 20, 2018

Risk factors of acute confusional syndrome in elderly hospitalized in the Hospital Reina Sofía of Murcia. Retrospective case and controls

Apr 12, 2018
Juan Rodado, Irine Aragon
Read Statistic: 1166

Epidemiology as a basis for curricular design of nursing in sexual and reproductive health of adolescents and young people

Apr 16, 2018
Mercedes Rizo-Baeza, Manuel Velandia Mora, Ana Lucia Noreña, Ernesto Cortés-Castell
Read Statistic: 4730

The autotome of cervico-vaginal sample and the taking made by the gynecologist in the diagnosis of cervical cancer. Applicability in cervical cancer screening programs

May 28, 2018
Gilberto Antonio Bastidas Pacheco, Roman Lisandro Iglesias, Amilcar Josue Pérez, Elci Josefina Villegas ´Ávila
Read Statistic: 860

Nutritional condition or five-year-old minor children in the colombian caribbean

Jul 13, 2018
Maria Jose Ghisays Lopez, Gloria Lastre Amell, Mariela Suárez Villa, Yoleines Fuentes Sandoval, Silvana Schonewolff Goenaga, Kiara Verdooren Muñoz
Read Statistic: 2805

Unusual clinical presentation of Guillain Barre syndrome: a case report

Dec 6, 2018
Aristides Marenco, Juan Manuel Lozada
Read Statistic: 732

Review of concepts: Pregnancy in adolescents and experience in prenatal control

Dec 6, 2018
Maria Cristina Cruz Naranjo, Gloria Elena Lastre Amell, Noraida Lastra Lamby
Read Statistic: 3698