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Francisco Pericacho-Gómez Felipe Jiménez-Mediano José Estrada-Chichón Roberto Sánchez-Cabrero


Objective: In this article we review the support of several representative Primary Education schools in Spain (2015-16) for a pedagogical renewal that move away from the traditional model. Method: The methodology focuses on the study of outstanding bibliography, interviews with significant members, observation of centres and analysis of the content of educational projects. Results: The centers selected for analysis show multiple common pedagogical aspects, such as the participation of the educational community, the promotion of creativity among the students, as well as curricular, methodological and organizational flexibility. Discussion and Conclusion: Despite the uniqueness of each project, all show multiple common pedagogical aspects. This is due to the direct influence of the Spanish pedagogical renewal developed throughout the 20th century which has shaped the current renewing map of which this article analyses specific examples.


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