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Justicia is a scientific journal that has been published in print since 1987. It has been available online since 2017 through the Open Journal Systems v. (OJS) platform. Published twice a year, in January and July, this journal includes open-access original review and reflection articles written in Spanish, English, and Portuguese under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Inter
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Vol. 24 No. 36 (2019): Julio - Diciembre

Published: 2019-08-13


Historical-institutional conformation in Colombia (1800-1950)

Rafael Vergara Varela
Abstract 95 | PDF (Español (España)) Downloads 69

Page 1-17

Anticipated validity of the general code of the process for the administrative contentious jurisdiction

Carlos Andrés Taboada Castro, Carlos Julio Madero Jirado, Leonel Concepción Morron Maiguel
Abstract 67 | PDF (Español (España)) Downloads 62

Page 1-25

Differential presence of the state: necro-power and FARC Colombia

Alejandro Blanco Zuñiga , Jorge Arrieta Palis
Abstract 122 | PDF (Español (España)) Downloads 92

Page 1-12

Social movements as legitimizing actors of the peace agreement with the FARC-EP

Luis Felipe Gómez Morales
Abstract 86 | PDF (Español (España)) Downloads 56

Page 1-22

Context of a society in conflict: Panoramic view of structural violence in Colombia

Ruth Cristina García Otero
Abstract 71 | PDF (Español (España)) Downloads 54

Page 1-19

The gender approach within the integral System of Truth, Justice, Reparation and no Repetition

Katrim De La Hoz Del Villar, María Machado Vásquez, Jorge Mejía Turizo
Abstract 143 | PDF (Español (España)) Downloads 109

Page 1-16

The political parties in Colombia as socially responsible organizations

Luis Alberto Pérez Beltrán, Julio Redondo Escobar, Johnny Alberto Villegas Rincón
Abstract 94 | PDF (Español (España)) Downloads 63

Page 1-22

From the opportunity regulated to the mediation An inescapable progression for the repositioning of the victim in the Cuban penal process

Arnulfo Sánchez García, Yulisán Fernández Silva
Abstract 31 | PDF (Español (España)) Downloads 16

Page 1-19

Three models and the same object of interpretation of fundamental rights: Dworkin, Alexy and Sieckmann

Abraham Zamir Bechara Llanos, Maria Eugenia Vides Argel
Abstract 21 | PDF (Español (España)) Downloads 16

Page 1-18

Right to digital oblivion in Colombia: contemporary challenges in an outdated society

Dany Alberto Aristizabal Correa
Abstract 13 | PDF (Español (España)) Downloads 1

Page 1-15

The use of the internet versus traditional means of communication. Its impact on the political participation of young people in the metropolitan area of monterrey nuevo león

Juan de Dios Martínez Villarreal, Pedro Paul Rivera Hernández, Karla Eugenia Rodríguez Burgos
Abstract 61 | PDF (Español (España)) Downloads 2

Page 1-14

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