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Educación y Humanismo is an arbitrated double-blind peer-reviewed scientific journal covering all fields of Education and Humanities (Social Sciences). Its production is the result of research in these intellectual fields, from which it is aimed at continuously examining education and its processes, thus cont...
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Current Issue

Vol. 22 No. 38 (2020): January-June

Published: 2019-12-02


Tensions and inequalities in university students’ classroom interactions

Rita Ramos-Castro , María López-García
Abstract 30 | PDF (Español (España)) Downloads 5
Published Mar 26, 2020

Learning and Teaching of Deductive and Inductive Reasoning through Natural Sciences

Carmen Salazar-Arbeláez
Abstract 86 | PDF (Español (España)) Downloads 61
Published Mar 5, 2020

The zone of possibilities in process of learning of the digital resident: a qualitative analysis in the network of mathematical experiences of Norte de Santander

Carlos Gómez-Valderrama, César Hernández-Suárez, Raul Prada-Nuñez
Abstract 40 | PDF (Español (España)) Downloads 26
Published Mar 3, 2020

Towards a Dense Description from Social Cartography

José Ignacio Bolaños, Enith Zulema Astaiza Grande, Jhon Esneider Castellanos Jiménez
Abstract 30 | PDF (Español (España)) Downloads 32
Published Feb 28, 2020

Bullying as an opportunity to improve coexistence in the classroom

Angela Castro-Robles, Jorge Niño-Vega, Flavio Fernández-Morales
Abstract 106 | PDF (Español (España)) Downloads 82
Published Feb 26, 2020

Associated roles of onlookers in school bullying: validation of a scale to detect them School violence: a scale to detect types of onlookers.

José Ángel Vera-Noriega, Elsa González González, Martha Peña-Ramos, Francisco Durazo-Salas
Abstract 228 | PDF (Español (España)) Downloads 194
Published Jan 1, 2020

Pedagogical Trends in Teaching Humanities in the Formation of Future Elementary School Teachers

José Cifuentes-Medina , Jaime Torres-Ortiz, Ruby Espejo-Lozado
Abstract 105 | PDF (Español (España)) Downloads 138
Published Nov 22, 2019

Intervention program in critical debate on critical thinking in university students

Yuranny Alejandra Tabares Díaz, Sonia Mireya Betancourth Zambrano, Viviana Alexandra Martínez Daza
Abstract 269 | PDF (Español (España)) Downloads 217
Published Nov 28, 2019

Justification: quality condition for CECAR’s psychology program

María Martínez-Luna
Abstract 87 | PDF (Español (España)) Downloads 74
Published Nov 20, 2019

Do the intelligences, emotions and chronotype, explain academic performance in university students?

Ubaldo Rodríguez, Fabiola Rodrigues-deFrança Campos, Adriano Chionbacanga-Nafital , Guillermo Ceballos-ospino, Carmelina Paba-Barbosa
Abstract 185 | PDF (Español (España)) Downloads 103
Published Dec 2, 2019

Mathematical competencies as a success factor for the Saber Pro Test at the Universities of Barranquilla, Colombia

William Niebles, Plutarco Martínez-Bustos, Leonardo Niebles-Núñez
Abstract 101 | PDF (Español (España)) Downloads 87
Published Dec 11, 2019

Citizen competencies as a source of civility in higher education

Manuel Cabrera-Jimenez
Abstract 125 | PDF (Español (España)) Downloads 122
Published Jan 1, 2020
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